Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Interview with a Kid: David

Hi, how are you?

Do you want your mom to interview you for her blog?
It's fine. Hi, everybody who is reading this!

Can you tell me your favorite thing about your mom?
She's a mom.

That's your favorite thing about me?

So what is your favorite thing about me?

Okay, fine. New question. What is your LEAST favorite thing about your mom?
You yell at me a lot.

I'm sorry. I'll try harder to yell less.
Thank you.

Why do you think that your mom keeps a blog?
Because she likes to talk with her friends, and it helps her share her feelings when she's angry.
Next question.

If you could ask me anything you wanted, what would you ask?
Could you let me build a go-kart? And then, buy some land and let me turn it into a private go-kart track?

Do you like being the oldest kid?
It has its perks. But when it comes to taking care of Sam and Yael...it is really boring.

What is the best perk?
Being able to stay up at night.

What is your favorite movie?

Because they have the best technology and the best sci-fi that there is.

What is your favorite book?
The Glitch in Sleep.

Because there's a world outside the world that creates everything like a sunset with clouds made of hope and in the Department of Sleep they make bad dreams and good dreams and they make the noises of the night like snores and they send sleep in boxes.

What is your favorite thing that your mom bakes?
Anything else?
On-the-fence Brownies, which you haven't made for, like, ever. Can we make them tonight?

Thanks, David!


Risa Tzohar said...

He's delicious!
(recipe for carmelitas? please?)

Batya said...

what a sweet kid!

Anonymous said...

It is nice to see them grow up from a distance. A very handsome and sweet boy!

Robin said...

Love it! Love the idea too. I wonder if my kids would go for it...

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Gruven Reuven said...

Awesome post!!!

Rebecca Einstein Schorr said...

Love this!!! (Hi, David!)

Unknown said...

What a sweetie!
And - can we get the recipes? :) I love baking, so I'm always looking for new ones...