Monday, July 30, 2007


I have just joined the 30-Day Blog Challenge over at Casual Friday Everyday.

This is going to be a fun experiement. Looking back over my blog, I tend to go in spurts. Either I blog everyday for a while or I blog not at all! So...I'm going to try to consistently blog each and every day.

I make no promises for:
1. Length
2. interestingness
3. non-self-centeredness
4. my other blog

But...I'm game. It's like an Elul challenge, sort of. Maybe I can begin my journey towards teshuvah a little early by blogging about it. We'll see.


Maybe I'll try some of the other daily blog things that are out there that others participate in, like Best Shot Monday or Wordless Wednesday. Stay tuned!

(Hey, is there anyone really out there reading this????)


John Sklar said...

I read it twice a day...

Nell said...

Welcome to the 30 day blogathon!


Anonymous said...

I'm blogging too... 30 days let's go...