Sunday, July 22, 2007's here, and I'm done.

I actually feel a little bit sad that I'm done reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It's hard to believe that the series has drawn to a close. I definitely cried my way through the last 40 pages or so, pausing occasionally to wipe my nose and knowing that the book was almost at an end. Maybe I cried more because of the actual act of reading the end than at the ending itself (which wasn't all that sad, aside from the various deaths of major characters!).

Bottom line: I loved it.

As I type this, my husband is on page 152 and I am dying for him to finish so we can discuss it! I read as much as I could (about 500 pages!) last night and then finished the rest today. I am also waiting for him to finish so I can read it again. Yes, I am that dorky.

I love the Harry Potter phenomenon. I love that the rest of the world is just as excited as I am about books! For most of my life, I've been this excited for a new book to arrive. But now the whole world seems to share my joy at the book's arrival.

And no matter how sad I am that Harry is over...there's always something new! In fact, just this evening I got the email notice from the library that the newest book by Sheri Tepper is available for me and I know that Daniel Silva has a new novel coming out on Wednesday! So...the book world is far from over for me, of course. I am a Reader, and thus there is always more to be read.

There is also the additional excitement and knowledge that I will re-experience Potter when I share each book in turn with each of my children. Sharing the first book with my firstborn this summer has been such a treat. I am constantly enjoying the fun of remembering all my favorite childhood books in order to share them with my kids. Today I picked up used copies of Betsy-Tacy and The Boxcar Children, two of my favorites that I can't wait to read aloud to David.

Ah...the joy of the written word.

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