Monday, July 2, 2007

We made it to camp

Every year I am blessed to spend two weeks at summer camp, a Jewish camp in Wisconsin. See my other blog for posts about camp itself.

Getting here is, in itself, an undertaking.

We packed:

- 2 minivans

- 6 people

- 2 strollers

- 1 pack-n-play

- 6 shower towels

- 6 beach towels

- two computers

- one printer

- 2 boxes of easy mac from costco

- 3 boxes of snacks from costco

- clothes for 6 people

- swimsuits for 6 people

- 5 waterbottles (one of us is still breastfeeding)

- 3 sippy cups

- 3 bottles (just in case)

- 4 pillows

- 3 blankets

- 1 power strip

- 3 laundry baskets

- 1 baby monitor

- 2 squirt guns

- 2 boxes of toys

- 1 portable dvd player

- many books (including Harry Potter #1, which we have started reading with David!)

...and much much more.

It's almost too much to imagine. And it's only going to get worse before it gets better. Although next year we will only need one stroller, we are never going to be less people! At some point, though, in the future, the kids will be campers, which will be a completely different kind of packing and might involved nametags in all the clothes. We'll see about that.

Summer camp is one of those rituals that most of us don't engage in as adults. It is truly a blessing to be able to bring my family here and share this incredible experience with them!

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