Sunday, September 30, 2007

Why be a Vegetarian? (and contest & 5 places)

Tomorrow is World Vegetarian Day. I'm a big fan of any day that gets people to think about the food that they put into their bodies.

I am a vegetarian, although technically, I'm a pescetarian because I do eat fish on occasion. (Someday, I think our family might end up being best classified as "flexitarian" There are a number of reasons for this. First, I think it's healthier and better for me and my family. When I was beginning to feed my oldest (now almost 6) solid foods, I did a lot of research and was very concerned about food additives/hormones. I decided that the best choice would be to go meat-free for him, and thus for our household. My husband still eats meat, either out or whenever he can convince my dad to make him a steak (which is pretty darn easy). The other reason for eating vegetarian both in and out of the house is the concept of kashrut, or keeping kosher. We don't technically keep kosher, but by not mixing milk and meat (because there isn't any) we keep a form of it. I read labels rather than hechshers (the markings that indicate a kosher certification) because I feel that organic products are often a better "kosher" choice for me -- as in, they are usually environmentally-friendly, worker-friendly, etc., things that a kosher certifcation is largely unconcerned with.

I have a dream (spurred by an article that I read once -- anyone else read this article and can remind me where I read it?) that one day there will be a new kind of kosher certification -- one that takes environmental and fair business/labor/land practices into consideration along with the Jewish dietary laws.

So go veg for a day or for the whole month! I guarantee you won't regret it:-)

Tomorrow....I'll find one of my favorite vegetarian recipes to post in honor of the occasion. (Along with my Best Shot Monday, I'm sure!)

Stop by Crunchy Domestic Goddess (definitely a favorite read of mine) to read more about World Veggie Day and also to see the adorable t-shirt that she's giving away from her online shop Cute as A Bug...which by the way I'm planning to win, so you don't even have to go enter her contest (ha ha).


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Crunchy Domestic Goddess said...

i like your dream for the kosher certification. i hope that becomes a reality someday. thanks for spreading the word about world veggie day. :)

and thanks for your entry and contest linky love! :)


The Egel Nest said...

I keep a strange form of kosher also...

I don't mix meat and milk, never have pork, and never have shellfish. We just do not have a kosher kitchen.

But, we do our best to always keep as kosher as we can...that may sound funny...but we try!

The Egel Nest