Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I ♥

Did you know how useful is? I've actually written about this before, how much I love the "wish list" feature. (even my kids have wish lists on Amazon!)

But there are other great things you can do with Amazon as well.

I have a Prime membership, which makes 2-day shipping free (well, I pay the fee for it upfront, basically). I use it for diapers. I've bought food items to send to soldiers abroad. I buy all sorts of miscellaneous things available from my favorite online store! The Prime membership also makes it easy and inexpensive to send gifts because I don't pay for shipping. (You can send a $10 gift and only spend the $10 you wanted to spend!)

I also use it for recommendations. I love the feature that when you are looking at a book, you get other books that you might like to read too!

I also have a collection of Listmania lists that I've written.

Getting Ready to Travel to Israel
Great Chanukah Books
Great Jewish Children's Books
What's Next to Read With My 5-Year-Old
Books I've Read with my 5-Year-Old

I also have on "so you'd like to guide...": So You'd Like to Lead a Great Passover Seder

I think that these are a great way to "share the wisdom" that we have all gained in a creative and interesting way. I love to look at other people's lists to see what to read or research.

The prices are right, the orders come quickly, and I love shopping on Amazon!
(Plus I hear rumors that maybe...occasionally....the Amazon CEO "grants" wishlists. So make sure you have one and that it has that big beautiful camera that you really want...and the sewing machine you've been drooling never hurts! Okay, it's probably an urban myth. But it makes me happy.)

What works for you?


Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

I love Amazon too! I have done the majority of my Christmas shopping there the last couple of years. I seem to look up something on at least once every other day.

Jack's Mommy said...

Hi Phyllis! Thanks for stopping by my WFMW post and commenting.. I hope some of the ideas help you out! There are way too many "scams" out there when it comes to home based businesses and I like to spread the word on things that truly work! :)

I love amazon also - it's extremely addicting. Before I got married I remember blowing entire weekly paychecks on books I wanted! Unfortunately I no longer have the luxury of doing

Anonymous said...

And you can help some of your favorite mommy bloggers when you shop Amazon too. That's what I posted about.

Anonymous said...

Ok here's the thing. One the one hand -- I love going into an actual brick and mortar store so that I can hold the books in my actual hands. On the other hand -- the selection can't be beat and the delivery is so quick. Great post.

Chrissy said...

You're spot-on about Amazon. It's so versatile! That's so cool that your kids even have their own Amazon wishilsts! I've never checked out the Prime membership, but I usually get stuff that qualifies for free shipping anyways!

Anonymous said...

wishlists for kids are an interesting idea -- i'm still enjoying the pre-aware innocence of kids who want just a book or a bicycle for Christmas, and are easily put off til "summertime" on the bike!

have you noticed any increase in gimmie-ness since encouraging lists of "wants"? (probably your kids would never succumb to the gimmies, naturally).