Friday, February 22, 2008

Is that a Golden Calf....?

Mo is on Sinai
listening to all God says.
Here are some commands:

Time for a census
One half-shekel per person
To see who is who...

Put a copper bin
for the priests to wash their hands
before sacrifice.

Make special oil:
myrrh, cinnamon and cassia
in olive oil.

Use it to anoint
the Tent of Meeting & priests.
But don't copy it.

God gave Mo tablets
with all the words written down
by God's own finger.

Meanwhile, below,
the people were antsy for Mo
"Is Moses here yet?"

They went to Aaron
and told him to make a god
so he asked for gold.

They brought him the gold.
He melted it down and made
a gold calf for them!

Aaron called a feast
to celebrate the new god.
This was very bad.

God told Mo to go
and see what was going on
God was really mad.

Mo took the tablets
and went back down the mountain.
Mo got really mad.

Mo threw the tablets
and set out to punish them.
It wasn't pretty.

He burned up the calf,
ground it up into powder,
put it in water...

He made them drink it.
Aaron tried to pass the blame
but Mo was still mad.

The sons of Levi
were called forth and told to kill
three thousand who sinned.

Mo asked, "God, forgive!"
but God wanted to get rid
of the ones who sinned.

A new deal was made
God agreed to lead them all
to help the people.

Mo asked to see God.
"None can see My face and live"
so God showed God's back.

Then Mo made new slabs
for the words God would inscribe --
all the commandments.

Mo stayed in God's place
forty days and forty nights
and came back glowing.

The glow was too much
for the people to behold
so Mo wore a veil.

(Wow, this is a long Torah portion!)
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Come back next week for more!

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Susan Helene Gottfried said...

The "Mo asked to see God" part was my Torah portion at my Bat Mitzvah. I was told, though, that it was special and reserved for the Shabbat during Passover.

Was I lied to (again)?