Friday, February 1, 2008

i ♥ laws

In this week's Torah portion, Mishpatim....

God gives lotsa laws,
tells Moses to pass them on
for all to obey.

Laws for keeping slaves,
how to treat your maids and wives,
penalties and rules

don't hit mom or dad,
what to do when an ox gores,
don't throw stones or smite.

It's eye for an eye
life for life and tooth for tooth
burning for burning...

If you dig a pit
and someone falls into it
you have to make good.

The people answered:
"all that God has said we'll do!"
So Mo wrote it down.

Mo went up the Mount
left Aaron in charge of things
and all the judging.

A cloud covered up
mount sinai from all their view
Mo stayed forty days.

(What happened while he was up there? Stay tuned...)
and see more Haiku Friday here...

Shabbat Shalom!


Rose said...

Okay, I stopped by for theme Thursday and got a Shabbat Haiku. (did I spell that right? Oh well, I'm not a Haiku writer.)

I must say though, that is the BEST Haiku that I have read in quite a long time.

I don't write them because I don't really Haikus.

Wonder how many times I can use the word Haiku [most likely] misspelled in one comment?

Shabbat Shalom.

Cat said...

Tell me you've heard The Fugs!

Anonymous said...

Wow. It's hard enough to write haiku without making've told stories with yours. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for Moses to go biblical on the people with the cow idol. Talk about SMITE! Truly wonderful as always P!

Anonymous said...

Love it again!

BTW: I got my prize this week. We can't wait to do it. :D

Melissa said...

Smiting Haiku should be big fun. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

As always, above and beyond! You are a masterful 'ku-er!

Kat said...

As usual, I am super impressed.

the planet of janet said...

the usual fine job. i look forward to your 'kus every week.

Anonymous said...

I really do love your haikus. You actually put time and thought into them...maybe I should do that :)!

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

You are so very talented to write kus with such purpose and prose!

The Egel Nest said...

I love the line...

"So Mo wrote it down"

Just cracks me up!

We had so much snow last night that our Tot shabbat class got canceled today!

The Egel Nest