Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm Having a Quickie too!

Five Minute Shower Challenge

One person in my house likes to take looooooooonnnngggg showers.

Guess who.

It's not me.
It's not my husband.
It's not the little ones.
It's the 6 year old.

Yep, he likes to take long, steamy showers.

(Me, I can go from pre-shower to fully dressed for work in about 15 minutes!)

So when I saw that the Crunchy Domestic Goddess has a Quickie Shower Challenge, I knew this was the way to do it!

I told David all about my friend Amy, who lives in Colorado, and that she had a challenge for him. He was very excited, he even wanted to do it in under five minutes (which we did). And not only did David take a shower in about 2 1/2 minutes, he did it with his brother Sam!

Aren't you impressed that I showered two of my children in under 5 minutes?
They were really clean too.
Who knew that all it took was a timer challenge!? The allure of a challenge for a 6-year-old.

The only downside? Since Sam didn't quite get the idea of the "challenge" (2 years old is a little young to get it, right?), he was pretty upset at the abrupt end to his shower. We'll work on it.

Later in the evening, I even showed David Amy's blog and had him read the headline on the post. I introduced him to her children and we talked about all the ways that we can help the environment. He even told me that in his Kindergarten class they have cups with their name on them instead of throwing them out each day. I had no idea they were so environmentally-aware in his school.

I'm quite excited about this opportunity to cut down on our water usage.

According to Amy, "reducing the length of your shower by just one minute could save you up to 1,825 gallons of water each year." Wow! You can join the challenge too....

There are even cool shower timers available, although we used the kitchen timer. (Later, we timed toothbrushing too. I think I'm getting a bathroom timer.)

This is what is working for me this week!

P.S. The Kosher Cooking Carnival is up...take a peek!


Anonymous said...

Great idea!! But, to be honest, as a Mom of four boys, I rarely have time for a one-minute shower! So, does that make me due for a long one?

Elizabeth F. said...

That is awesome! I need to hop over there and join in. I usually take pretty fast showers, but I should time it just to see how I'm doing. My kids don't even take baths every day. They HATE to bathe. Bad for me, good for the environment. I think. They are all little and get their hands and faces washed lots of times a day anyway. And with the pool in the summer, they get clean even without a bath. LOL!

Batya said...

I also should reduce my shower time, but it's so relazing. Once the pool opens...

Thanks for the link to KCC!!

Susan said...

It is a great challenge. Living in Europe and water costing a ton, we cannot afford more than 5 minutes!!

Ginny said...

I'm not sure I could do a 5 minute shower. Right now I have mine down to 15 minutes from 20. Maybe I will try a 10 minute challenge, lol. My 10 year old is terrible with showers, maybe the 5 minute challenge will motivate her as well :)

Jack Steiner said...

A long hot shower is one of my simple pleasures.

Harry said...

Sounds great, but what about your soap? Are you using a biodegradable soap like Dr. Bronners Magic Soap ( I know its got weird stuff on the bottle, but its great soap!

SAHMmy Says said...

Good idea! Two things are holding me back: 1. it takes the water 5 minutes just to heat in this old house! 2. we're on a flat rate water system, so my only incentive to take a shorter shower is knowing I'm doing an environmental good deed. That should be enough, but I do love to shave my legs every day!

SuperRaizy said...

Good idea! You can get little kids to do almost anything by making it a challenge or a game. My 9 year old spends foreeeveeer in the shower- singing, dancing, acting out little plays... I don't have the heart to rush her. It's pretty much her only "alone time" when nobody's bugging her about something or other. But she wastes a ton of water.

Genny said...

What a cool idea! And I'm impressed...bed to ready in 15 minutes!

Tara said...

Hmmm That shouldn't be tooo difficult.. but then again I don't time my showers lol

Anonymous said...

Good idea. But I'm afraid if I shortened my showers I'd have to invest in therapy.

Anonymous said...

I'll time myself next time but I think I can shower in fewer than 5 minutes.

Crunchy Domestic Goddess said...

you have no idea how big i'm grinning after reading this post. i LOVE that david was so excited about it and i'm floored that you got both kids showered in well under 5 minutes. you rule! :)

thanks so much for spreading the word about the challenge. the more ppl havin' "quickies", the merrier!! :)