Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What doesn't work...

...believing that the tie-dye shirts from the store that say they are color-safe really are.

Even after a few washes.

'Nuff said.

What doesn't work for other folks? Check it out here.

Every spring Jewish Women International's Mother’s Day Flower Project sends beautiful bouquets of flowers to 150 battered women’s shelters across the U.S. in time for Mother’s Day, while it raises funds for programs that help victims of domestic violence throughout the year.

What a fabulous way to honor your mom or any other woman in your life. Click here to make your gift! You can't get an actual card delivered in time for Mother's Day anymore but you definitely can get an if you're still deliberating, try this out...I know it will make a difference to your mom and to other moms too.

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Jenny said...

Been there, done that. Unfortunately. Have you ever tried Shout Color Catchers?? My friend suggested them to me and I have been pleased with how well they work.

Robin said...

Yup. Learned that one the hard way.

ames said...

I think my last tie-dyed shirt was turned into a rag about 5 years ago, but that's still good to know!