Monday, May 26, 2008

Camera-Lust, My Deer...

So my dad got a new camera.

I actually have a little taste now of how it must feel to use some of the really cool cameras that so many of you have. It's not an SLR but it is really really cool.

I got to play with it this weekend while we were there. Here are some of my favorite pics that I took using his really great new camera:

We spent a lot of nice time outside on Sunday, in my parents' backyard. Even though they live near a busy street and in a relatively noisy suburban area, there is a large deer population. Someone noticed a really cute little fawn curled up and resting in the "forest" area of the yard, which has been cut back recently. We all walked over to see him (her?) and quietly observe our own little Bambi.

When I brought Sam (age 2) over to see it, the conversation went like this:
Me: Sam, look at the deer.
Sam: Is not a deer, mom. Is a cow.
Me: No, honey, it's a deer.
Sam: No. Cow.
Me: Say "deer"
Sam: "Deer." But is a cow.
...walking away...
Me: I have to go get the camera, this is a blog!
Sam: No, Mommy, is a cow!

(My "Best Shot" for the week...)

See more Best Shots here.


Jendeis said...

How did you get so close to the cow?

Maggie said...

How cute! I can't believe that she let you get so close - WOW!

Vered said...

I have to go get the camera, this is a blog!"

Oh yes it is!

Your conversation with Sam is absolutely hilarious. :)

John Sklar said...

Cow, deer, blog. I love my new camera. It is perfect for someone who may have outgrown thier point and shoot camera but wantws a little more.

Perfect camera for catching kids running around the yard. And cow/deer in for forest.

Kara said...

That is the most beautiful cow I have ever seen - and cute! Great shots!

Anonymous said...

The kids are adorable, but oh what a capture of the cow! :) Great work!

Anonymous said...

oh you made me smile...I'm excited about your new camara but I want one now....And the cow is amazing looks so much like a deer...adorable..the cow and kid

Maya said...

The new camera does wonderful! I love the last shot!

Anonymous said...

OH NO! My girls would have freaked because we read a book called Lost in the Woods about a baby deer whose momma tells it to lay low until she comes back. Real life, so sweet. And I can't believe the whole field of dandelions. I would have had the camera out like crazy. Great job. Dad didn't get you one? ;-)

Robin said...

Yup, that's definitely a blog. And quite an adorable one at that.

Dewey said...

Great photos! I actually prefer the shot above the one you call your best shot, but they're both very nice. I think I just like the deer at rest rather than lifting its head, for some reason.