Sunday, April 5, 2009

Haveil Havalim #211: The Preparing for Pesach Edition

(also known as: The "If You're Not Done Prepping You Now Have More Excuses to Procrastinate" Edition)

haveil havalim

What's going on here today?
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Preparing For Pesach Posts...
(I tried to group them all here but I might have a few below too. It's been a busy week!)

Especially for bloggers: tips on cleaning your computer of chametz (obviously, we can't do anything about the cookies...)

Here's Passing Over into Spring? (with a delicious-looking lemon Pesach cake) posted at Manely Montana.

Following my Judaism explores the difference between Pesach and Spring cleaning.

Read Passover is Coming! (in case you hadn't noticed) by Beneath the Wings

This made me laugh: Why do I (almost) turn into someone else on Passover? posted at Home-shuling. Cocoa-o's anyone?

Jacob Richman presents The Passover Humor Files posted at Good News from Israel. (it's a very extenstive list!)

Blog d'Elisson reveals Eliyahu ha-Navi for who he really is...or not... at PASSOVER.

Desperate to clean with your kids around? Read this post: Children and Passover Cleaning. Do you think it's helpful?

Soccer Dad feels that We were slaves... as he contemplates pickle and sardine sandwiches. Eww!

If you live in Israel, you might find this post useful: Machon Shilo: Pesah Links.

Here's my favorite Pesach dessert and some of my favorite YouTube Pesach Vids ... (hey, it's my blog and I'll link if I want to!)


Ricki's Mom presents Ricki, Language, and “Machtesh(im)” - a language and geology lesson.

If you want to know How to Be Israeli read this post: Don't be a Fryer. Funny!

Shmuel Sokol shares this reprint of a JPost article he wrote: New Balad MK praises Iran's nuke quest.


ProfK wants us to drop our European ways...interesting thoughts in this post: And the Song Plays On... And here's another one by ProfK: On Minhagim

Schvach Yid chuckles as the Amish visit Brooklyn...I chuckled too!

The Velveteen Rabbi is in Buenos Aires, spending Shabbat morning at the Libertad, the oldest synagogue in that city.

Shira Salamone is puzzled about Women and ritual: A survey for Conservative Jews. She mentions the movie "Praying in Her Own Voice," about the Women of the Wall. I'm very excited that we're bringing this film and one of its producers to our synagogue in June!

Tuvia is changing his diet: Disposing of the un-kosher food part 1.

Ilana-Davita shares a shiur by Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik on First Born Sons.

Should Modern Orthodox Jews say Birchat HaChammah? Or is it a bracha levatalah? Great question and a great post. This could have been the Birkat HaChammah edition of Haveil Havalim. Maybe next week...

Funny Stuff

Shira Salamone thinks that there are many Mysteries of the Hebrew language...

The Real Shliach is giving advice: Dear TRS: advice for the masses. Do you think it's funny? Go see!!!

Jewish Life, Culture, and Everything Else...

Soccer Dad shared this piece of news: LeBron Picks... Schottenstein? LeBron James is Jewish? I'm so confused. That info is missing from his Wikipedia page .

tooyoungtoteach presents On A Scale From One To Ten posted at Sporadic Intelligence.

Rivka with a capital A shares the lighter side of chemo with Chemotherapy Induced Time Travel. As she says: Please daven (or send happy, healing thoughts) for RivkA bat Teirtzel.

Our great leader JackB wrote about When Parents Die and Don't Die Dad. He's having a hard week, I think, so stop by and send him some positive energy. (Or at least good stats, which might translate...)

A Simple Jew is Returning The Next Day.

Chaviva asks Why am I converting Orthodox? - make sure you read the comments too. Great personal post about Jewish choices...

That's all for this week's Haveil Havalim!
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Chag Sameach!


Jack Steiner said...

Yasher koach. Thank you for your help and Chag Sameach.

YMedad said...

That was a great collection of bi'ur chametz ;->)

Good job.

Chag sameach v'kasher.

Batya said...

Wonderful job!
How'd You Find The Time?

Just like a guy said...

Very nice. A kosher and a freilichen Pesach b'soch klal yisrael b'yerushalayim im Melech haMoshiach in beis hamikdash hashlishi...etc...

Jacob Richman said...

Great job!

Chag Sameach!

Jew Wishes said...

This is fantastic! Chag Sameach!

RivkA with a capital A said...

Nicely organized!!

Thanks for linking to me!!

There are too many interesting links!! Now I am going to procrastinate even more!!! (either that, or give up on sleep!!)

Schvach said...

Thanks for the excellent HH blog, and for linking my post. Chag Pesach Sameach.

josh waxman said...

thanks. great work!

Chaviva Gordon-Bennett said...

Thank you so much for including my post :) It's been a wild ride the past week!

Chag sameach!

Esser Agaroth said...


Thanks for the links and thanks for hosting!

I'll put a link up on my blog tonight (IDT).

Esser Agaroth said...

Anonymous said...

i'm definitely putting my kids to work RIGHT THIS INSTANT on vacuuming their stuffed animals.

Anonymous said...

thanx for including me... shalom and wonderful job


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