Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Favorite Things?

Some random things that I like. I'm not getting any money for these products, just sharing the things that I like. If Oprah can take over Twitter, I can take over her idea for sharing stuff I like. (I wish I could give it all away like she does!)

These are great kitchen cloths for cleaning. They go in the washer, dryer, microwave, dishwasher, and they don't have that funky anti-bacterial smell. They're awesome.

Emerald Nuts Cocoa Roast Almonds
Absolutely delicious. Love these. (Their website is not great, though.)

Sabra Hummus
The closest thing to being in Israel that I can find. Their babaghanoush rocks too.

Bubbie's Pickles
The most wonderful pickles I've ever found. Pure Kosher Dills - they are sharp and salty and crunchy and awesome.

L'Oreal Kids Detangler, Pear Scent
I've started spraying this on my kids' hair each night and combing it through. I love the smell. They love the combing. It's a great deal.

Sedu Flatiron
It works really really well on my very curly hair. Makes it shiny and straight. It impresses me every time.

Do you care about brands? Are you "brand-loyal"?
For the most part, I'm really not. I buy store-brands and whatever happens to be on sale. Then again, I know that store-brand Cheerios are just not as good as the real thing.


Something Different said...

I am very brand loyal about sabra chumus. Nobody else makes it anywhere NEAR the way they do. :-) Most things I couldn't care less though...

Batya said...

I don't think I am. And now that I'm finally losing weight, the clothes from my favorite store won't fit all that well.

Jew Wishes said...

There are definite things I am brand loyal about...mayonnaise, cereals, breads, for instance.

But, I will buy supermarket brands, also.

Anonymous said...

I am store-brand loyal in certain cases -- Trader Joe's and IKEA can almost do no wrong in my book.

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