Sunday, May 10, 2009

Posts Ruminating in My Head

I have all these wonderful posts brewing in my brain.

About books I've read lately. I had this weird confluence of three books in a row about slavery/civil war/the South...and have you noticed how many new books in the Jewish world are about the Holocaust? Interesting.

About the appearance of spring/summer and how glad I am that it's here.

About the new Star Trek movie, my history with and love for Star Trek, and all the great Jewish lessons that the series has taught!

About Mother's Day and Father's Day and the ridiculousness of these so-called "holidays" that really should be observed all the time. And did you hear that NPR piece on the flower industry in Columbia?

About my obsession with interest in Twitter and how I'm trying not to feel put-out that I wasn't in the JTA list of influential Twitterers but people who have been on Twitter for, like, 10 minutes were. That sounds more petulant than I want it to. But it's my blog. (I'm not at all put-out that while I applied for the Frigidaire stuff just like Steph and Mir did, I wasn't worthy didn't qualify...just a teensy bit jealous because I really want a fancy-dancy washing machine. But I'll go try to win one anyway.)

But the posts just can't seem to get out. I'll keep working on it.

Happy Birthday, Jack! He's hosting Haveil Havalim so go and wish him a happy birthday...


Jack Steiner said...

Thanks for the birthday wish and the link.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to reading all these posts. :-)

RivkA with a capital A said...

I'd love to read your post about Star Trek.

If you search my blog for "Star Trek," you will find several of what I think are some of my best posts.

Joanna Brichetto said...

Yes, please. The blog about Star Trek and Jew stuff. I can't wait.