Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fruits of our Labors

I really meant to put up pictures of my garden as it has grown...but I didn't.

And things didn't go the way I had hoped. It started out so nicely, lush and beautiful. But I lost about half of my "crops" - my corn and zucchini, my pumpkins - they all turned to mush. So I really thought the garden was just a lost cause this year.

But things seem to be perking up! Look what we harvested this week:
(Yes, those are purple beans - it was a tri-color planting.)
Um, look what happened when I tried to take this picture!

And it all tasted very yummy too!
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Robin said...

Fresh-picked vegetables - yum! No wonder someone is already stealing them ;).

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Jew Wishes said...

Great photos! LOL, on the little hand.

crunchy domestic goddess (amy) said...

yummy! my kids can't leave my tomatoes alone either. i go outside to pick one i saw earlier in the day and its gone. funny how that happens. ;P