Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bumper Crop

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I think it's so interesting how different my children can be from each other.

Often, they want to do exactly the same things in the same way. But sometimes they surprise me with their varying degrees of interest in some things.

For example, the garden.

While David could care less about the garden and Yael is interested to some degree, Sam is totally into it.

He helped me plant, he helps me harvest, he will go out by himself to pick tomatoes, and he'll even eat the fruits of our labors. He's totally into it.

This year, we're having a bumper crop of cucumbers....
and Sam is overjoyed!

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Minnesota Mamaleh said...

so, so true. my kids have all been way into their gardens this year, too. it warms the granola side of me. i have an amazing cucumber dip recipe if you're lookin'! :)