Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The People Inside Us

This morning, we were getting dressed, the baby was crawling around, I was sitting on the floor in the upstairs hallway helping to turn shirts right-side-out. Not the ideal time for a deep conversation.

Yael came right up to me, a very serious look on her face, and said: 

When God made you, did he make ME inside you?

Yes, Yael. 
When God made me, he made you inside me. 
And Sammy and Solly and David too.
And let me tell you a secret, I said...
Inside you...there are people too.

Not inside me! 
piped up Sam.

Oh no, I said,  
inside you too.

It's been with me all day.

God willing, my children will have children...the children that are inside them right now. Or...they will bring life to children not of their bodies but of their souls. Or...they will inspire and be the light that shines and guides someone else - a child, an adult, another human being. Or...all of the above.

May we all be so very blessed.


John Sklar said...

Imagine how little we would know of life if we had no children to teach us and explain it all to us.

Tania said...

Wonderful post! And what a lovely butterflies in her face:-)

Anonymous said...

I just love this - yes!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing!!!