Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Britax Baby Carrier {Review}

I am a baby-wearer. Not quite as much as Stephanie, but I definitely have had my own adventures.

I have a Baby Bjorn, three ring slings, a borrowed Ergo (thanks, Jody, I love it), and a few assorted pouch slings.

I regularly wear my baby, and I've worn all of them - often at work, and often to lead services for Sunday School or at camp (see this post for me at camp, wearing Solly in my sling).
Read the rest of my review of the new Britax Baby Carrier over at The Ima Reviews...


Amanda said...

So, my Hazzan-husband has dreams of wearing our yet-to-be-conceived child during weekday davening if he has to (I think he'd do it on Shabbat as well if he had his own way). Do you ever wear Solly in the synagogue? I'm sooo curious.

Sara Martin said...

Amanda, I plan on wearing Reuven to CBI soon...the car seat carrier is just too heavy! I'll tell you how it goes. I don't know how another baby might react, but Roo is typically pretty calm when being worn; he either falls asleep or happily gnaws on the carrier.

(And I've got a full selection of carrier types -- ring sling, stretchy wrap, woven wrap, mei tai, and soft-structured carrier -- that you are more than welcome to test-drive sometime. I'll even loan you a test baby. ;))