Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sam, the (Kosher) Ham

This was the fourth summer that we were blessed to visit our friends who have a house in Green Lake, Wisconsin. It is truly amazing to be with them, especially now that these friends have moved away from Chicago - we hadn't spent time with them since last summer! My kids love their kids and vice-versa, and it is always a wonderful couple of days together. We spent a lot of time out on their boat, and it's been really amazing to watch, as over the years, my children have become more and more comfortable with the various boating activities. In previous years, Yael loved to watch but would not go on the tube. This year she was so excited to go with the "big boys" (and she had them wrapped around her little finger, let me tell you). But the real star of the show was, in my mind, Sam.

He was fearless, taking turns on the tube and also the knee board (like a stepping stone toward water skiing). Here he is, showing off his skills... "look, no hands!" And we could hear him shout, "is that all you got?" and flash the "faster" sign. He was singing to himself and smiling and clearly enjoying every moment of this experience. The kid is a (kosher) ham. He could tell that we were having a great time watching him and that fueled his fire.

 He looks so little and far away when he's out on the board, being towed by the boat. It's such a moment of release for me, to put my kid out there and watch him, huge grin on his face, so far away. (Of course, I really have no worries in terms of safety - our friends are incredibly safety-conscious and take very good care of our family and theirs!) To see my little boy growing up into a funny, daredevil, fun-loving person is so remarkable. Here he is getting a big hug on his return to the boat. We all laughed with delight at his antics. I think the kid is truly ready to leave the nest for kindergarten. He'll be the class funnyman for sure.

Of course, not everyone was impressed with the whole experience.
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Leora said...

Can't decide whether I like the photo of Sam or Solly better. Great shot and adorable pic.

Robin said...

Itai is like that on the tube - it's all faster, Grandpa, faster! This year Maya finally conquered her fear too and was racing right along too. Love the shot of Solly, I have a few of my kids like that too - all life jacket and hat, no kid LOL.

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Batya said...

Your Sam seems to be very charismatic. He'll be someone to watch.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

He's having a wonderful time! I hear your heart of a mother's love and care in your words.

Mama Pajama said...

love the 'look, Ma, no hands!' shot, and the one of the baby is so cute!