Saturday, August 6, 2011


Yael: Mom, let's play a game.
Me: Okay, what are we going to play?
Yael: You be the mom and I'll be the kid.
Me: I think I can handle this.

a few minutes later...
Yael: Okay, now let's play that you're the mom, I'm the kid, and Solly is the baby.
Me: I think both he and I can handle our roles.

another few minutes later...
Yael: Mom, pause the game.
Me: Okay, but how do I know when we're playing and when we're "paused"?
Yael: (she thinks for a moment) Okay, when I call you "Mommy" then we're paused. When I call you "Mom," then we're playing the game. Got it?
Me: I'll do my best to keep it straight....

Who knew this parenting thing could be so mind-bending!?

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Leora said...

When the youngest of my brother's daughters was born (she's now 17), the oldest had all sorts of fancy names (Matilda, Stephanie, Esmerelda) when she and her sister played baby. The middle sister, however, always referred to the baby by her new sister's name.

I love those simple kid games.