Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Now She Is Six

The boys all have their birthdays in November and December.
What am I saying? Everyone in our household has their birthday in November or December.

Except Yael.

She never fails to mention that her birthday is "last" - which makes sense if you live life by the Jewish calendar or in Yael's world, where all the birthdays come in rapid-fire succession. We've tried hard to explain and convince her that her birthday is actually first. Sigh.

Either way, my little girl is now six years old!

Six! That's a big number.
And of course, with two older brothers and a younger one, she is her own unique blend of awesome.
She is fun and funny, able to make up intense creative imaginings that keep her busy for hours.
Her emotions are loud and powerful, and she feels a need to make her presence known.
She is amazing with her little brother and totally worships her big brothers.
Except when they make her crazy and she heads into her "office" for a little alone time.

Happy birthday to my sweet girl....


Nina B said...

Happy birthday to Yael! Six is indeed a sweet age! She looks so much like you. Of course I have never met your husband . . .

Elizabeth Wood said...

Happy Birthday Yael!!! I remember when you were born (and I had to gobble up the "boy" cupcake really quickly that we made in case you were a boy) and I'm so proud of the person you have become! You go, girl!!!

Auntie Liz

Batya said...

Mazaltov! What an adorable young lady.

JanetheWriter said...

Happy birthday, Yael! Keep on being the awesome person you are!

xoxo from NYC,
~ Jane.