Friday, October 19, 2007

Abraham's Haiku!

This week's Torah portion, Lech L'cha, from the book of Genesis, tells the story of the beginnings of Abraham's journey...and if it were in haiku, maybe it would go something like this:

Abraham, get up!
Go forth and find a new place.
You'll get a big prize!

What is my prize, God?
The stars and the sand, try to count.
I can't count that high!

That is how many
your descendents will become.
Won't you be proud, nu?

Check out Juggling Frogs for other creative ways to interpret and share the weekly Torah portion with your kids and family. This week, she's serving star-shaped chicken nuggets! Now that is creative!!!!

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Unknown said...

I think that is an amazing way to redo Genesis. You'll be like the new Scripture Shakespeare. Great job!

Maude Lynn said...

I love this!

I've tagged you for a meme if you'd like to play.

bella said...

This is fun.
Keep those creative juices flowing!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I always dream of being able to write in Haiku! Great job.

Anonymous said...

Famine struck the land
Abram went down to Egypt
with Sarai his wife.

To protect himself
He hid his identity
from Pharo the king.

Beautiful Sarai
Attracted attention from
the kings courtiers.

Sarai was taken
away to the kings palace
to become his wife.

G-d afflicted them
Pharaoh and his whole household
with many strong plagues.

"Wait a minute there!
You said she was your sister
Take this stuff and go."

Back home near Beth-El,
Avram offered Lot a deal
to avoid arguments.

Avram said to Lot,
"There are too many of us,
which side do you want?"

Unfortunate choice:
Lot and his clan headed East
to Sodom Valley.

A big brawl brewing
in Mesopotamia
War between nine kings.

Abram heard the news.
He gathered a bunch of guys
and defeated them.

He brought them back home
All the people and their stuff
And his nephew Lot.

Malkitzedek showed
himself to be a good guy
showing gratitude.

But Sodom's king
Was quite the jerk to Avram
Offering him deals.

Avram said "No thanks."
"I won't take a sandal strap
from the likes of you."

"Nobody will say
Men gave me honor and wealth.
It all comes from G-d."

Abram remembered
That G-d promised him nations
but he had no kids.

"Hey, G-d?" Abram asked
"How is this supposed to work
if I die childless?"

"Not Eliezer,
But a son of your very own
will be the heir."

"We can seal the deal
with 3 cows, 3 rams, 3 goats,
and a pair of birds."

"Take a stroll through them.
This brit bain habatarim:
My promise to you."

"You'll have countless kids,
they'll toil in a land not their own,
yet thrive and endure."

Selflessly, Sarai
Offered Hagar to Avram
to conceive an heir.

Hagar was unkind,
So Sarai laid down the law
to show who was boss.

Hagar ran away.
Gravid in the dessert heat
she met an angel.

He said to go home,
Her son would sire a nation
Call him Ishmael.

At age ninety-nine
G-d made yet another Brit,
with his friend Abram.

Abram would become
Father of a multitude
of nations and kings.

Then G-d changed his name
"Abram" became "Abraham"
in remembrance.

Circumcision marked
the eternal covenant
for his descendants.

Sarai's name changed too.
Even though they were both old
Sarah would bear a son.

Abraham requested
G-d to bless Ishmael too.
G-d did as he asked.

But the covenant
continues through Sarah's son
Please name him Yitzchak.

On that very day
Abraham and Ishmael
Circumcised themselves.

May we continue
to enjoy the blessings of
Abraham's merits.

Thank you for the link,
dear Ima on the bima
I like your blog too!

Anonymous said...

Oops! There were eight sylables in one of them. Make that:

"They'll toil in someone else's land"

Shavua tov, Rabbi Phyllis!