Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tomorrow one day older...

My six-year-old is at the best age...
...he can do most things on his own.
...he is in Kindergarten, and the world is opening up to him.
...he can express his desires in complex and complete ways.
...his imagination is creative and wide and incredible.
...he can still snuggle with mom and dad.
...he is starting to see that he's not always the center of the world, and he's okay with it.
...he is eager to grow and learn.

My two-year-old is at the best age...
...he needs help for many things but can do some things on his own.
...he is just about to start preschool, and the world is opening up to him.
...he is learning how to express himself.
...he is just discovering the wonderful world of make-believe.
...he snuggles all the time with mom and dad.
...he believes that he is the center of the world and that is okay.
...every day is a new experience for him!

My eight-month-old is a the best age...
...she can put her pacifier in for herself and choose her own toys, but other than that, mom & dad do everything for her. (what a life!)
...she hangs out every day with mom or dad, all the time.
...she is just beginning to understand that we are communicating with her
...she laughs at peekaboo but doesn't always believe that we'll come back.
...she snuggles all the time with mom and dad and anyone else who will hold her.
...she knows that she is the center of the world and that is just right.
...each day she grows and learns and changes.
And tomorrow, each of them will be one day older.

Tomorrow, each of them will be at the best age again.

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The Egel Nest said...

Rabbi Phyllis -

I love this many reasons to wake up each day and count our blessings and respect what our children have to offer at each marvelous age...each marvelous day. I am so with you on this one :)

The Egel Nest

Heidi Hyde said...

Beautiful post. My husband likes to tell our one-year-old that "it sure is hard bein' a baby!" Your description of your baby reminded me of that.

I look forward to continued reading.


Anonymous said...


I agree with Bradley and Heidi!

A beautiful post indeed! Each age and stage of life is to be treasured, all the days of our lives!!

It would be nice if people would see the elderly in that light, also!!!

Be well.


Anonymous said...

Lovely post. And such a good idea! I'm going to join in!

SAHMmy Says said...

I love your article! And what cuties! I've been meaning to start a journal: Who You Are Today, and write a little something about each of my children every night. Thanks for the inspiration to just do it, already!

Ursula said...

Your post puts to words the reason that I keep a blog, take so many pictures and keep a long memory of daily happenings with my own son.

Jennifer said...

All your answers are so right for the ages you are describing. I love it.


Anonymous said...

I love that you see each and every day as the perfect age for your children. So true. Lovely post.

Shawn said...

It's always great to stop and think about what is great about the ages we all are. I should do this more. Great post.

Anonymous said...

What wonderful lists! I love their parallel structure.

Thanks so much for participating! I really enjoyed your entry. It reminded me of some of the best things about my son's age :D

Maude Lynn said...

This is an awesome entry!

Anonymous said...

What a great post! It sounds like I have lots to look forward to as my kids get older.