Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Chanukah Countdown Party!!!

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One week from tonight we light the first Chanukah candle.

While Chanukah is a minor Jewish holiday, it does have wonderful messages and an opportunity, as all our holidays, to get together with family and celebrate the beauty and joy in our religion!

I'm so excited to begin a week of Chanukah Countdown on both of my blogs.

To kick it off, let's answer an age old question...

How do you spell Chanukah?

Here are some ideas from the LeeVees, a fanatastic Jewish singing duo...

Seriously, though, the reason we can't spell it in English is because it's a transliteration of a Hebrew word that looks like this:

...so the bottom line is: anyway you spell it, it's still the same holiday!

Stay tuned this week for Chanukah Countdown posts culminating sometime this week in a big Chanukah giveaway! (Because what is a good Chanukah Party without gifts!?)

Wanna join the party? Grab my cool badge above or here's the code:
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The Egel Nest said...

I say because it starts with the Hebrew letter chet, it has to begin with a CH :)

Just my opinion!

Hebrew transliteration is always a challenge!

The Egel Nest

The Egel Nest said...

And I love the Chanukah Countdown!


The Egel Nest

Robin said...

I'm voting for Hannukah :). Love the video clip.

Anonymous said...

Yes! We spellabrate and celebrate it in our own way as Hannukah because it all counts in our house and I want to win!!

the planet of janet said...

awww. associated press style (i work for a newspaper) is hanukkah... which pretty much works for me. simple enough.

but technically i agree with bradley. the chet really does mean it should start with a CH

Anonymous said...

Whoops, saw your other post first and didn't know you knew about The LeeVees.

We're an "H" Hanukkah family. Also, I remember spelling it Hannukah as a kid - I don't remember anyone spelling it Hanukkah then. There must've been a big meeting between all the media heads to decide how it would be spelled.

anne said...

When I was young we only spelled it Chanukah. Then much later on all the other spellings arrived.

Anonymous said...

I found my way over here via a friend of a friend...I have a question for you. I found the information I used in this post:
on the internet. I had never heard these meanings for each candle before but love the idea. Have you ever heard this?

Happy Hanukkah!