Friday, November 30, 2007

Chanukah Chaiku (and Giveaway)

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Alex the Great died.
His empire was split up.
Who owned Judea?

King Antiochus
was the new king for the Jews
but he wasn't nice.

"Give up your Torah,"
he said to the Jewish folks.
"Bow down to my gods."

The Jews weren't too pleased.
He defiled the Temple --
sacrificed some pigs.

Things were bad for Jews
They were being killed for faith.
But one guy stepped up.

In his town, Mod'in,
Mattathias stepped up
He said, "Let's rebel!"

His five sons followed
They helped lead the rebellion
and fled to the hills.

A guerrilla fight
against the Syrian-Greeks
hit-and-run fighting.

Mattathias died.
His son Judah took over -
he was a great guy.

Rebellion went well
They called him the Maccabee
(the word means "hammer")

He struck fast and hard
and finally the Jews won -
a long time coming!

A great victory
It was quite a miracle
Just one of many

Back to the Temple
but it was totally wrecked,
defiled, defaced.

They made it holy,
rededicated to God,
prepared for worship.

A legend for sure:
There was no oil to find
to light the great Lamp

One small flask was found,
only enough for one day
but it lasted EIGHT!

Today we rejoice
with victory dances,
remember that time.

The more likely tale:
They missed Sukkot in that year
and observed it late.

Eight days of the feast
have been translated to this
time of Chanukah.

Either way, it's fun
to eat latkes and candy
and play the dreidel.

Happy Chanukah
(However you spell the word)
let's all celebrate!

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Maude Lynn said...

Ah, but I prefer to believe the legend!

Head Gaggler said...

Wow those are really awesome! Great rendition of the story.

John Sklar said...

My beautiful daughter
all filled with knowing
what could you possibly mean by:

"The more likely tale:
They missed Sukkot in that year
and observed it late."

I for one have no doubts
that the oil lasted
8 days or there abouts....

SAHMmy Says said...

I'll be reading your Chaiku :) to my son tonight! (though if he asks as many questions as usual I'll have to make up some plausible answers!) I love your poems--two words: Children's Book!

Heidi Hyde said...

This is incredible! You have quite a talent to turn a story. (into a haiku)


Secret Agent Mama said...


Kathryn Perelman said...

Ah, a literary Chanukah. Wonderful!


Scribbit said...

And since I read Robin's post I'm ALL OVER this now. Fully informed and getting it without having to follow those links :)

Jennifer said...

These are so great, every week! I'm thoroughly impressed (and more knowledgeable!)

Marci said...

I have always enjoyed the idea that Chanukah was really just "Sukkot II." It just fits together so well. Too bad we minimize the wonderful miracles that didn't have anything to do with oil.

Shabbat Shalom!!

PS - Not going to Biennial (have to stay back to hold down the fort). Going to CCAR - will look for your hubby!!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

When I was little, Deborah was always included in the story of the Maccabees. Is she being expunged from the tales? It seems no one talks about her anymore.

anne said...

I enjoyed reading the Chaiku. Your photos are lovely.