Friday, January 11, 2008

The Plagues Continue...Haiku Torah

"Let my people go!"
Moses brought God's threat to Court.
"Who should go?" they asked.

"Everyone!" Mo said.
"No way!" Pharaoh had to say
and sent them away.

So God sent locusts
to cover over Egypt.
Bugs were everywhere!

Then Pharaoh denied
the request that Moses made
one more time: "no how!"

Now plague number nine
came down in the form of dark -
no light anywhere.

The king was almost
convinced to let them all go
but couldn't do it.

Moses warned Pharaoh
the next one would be real bad -
Mo left in a huff.

God gave a command
"Put lamb's blood on your doorposts
and eat the lamb too,

with unleavened bread
and bitter herbs together -
Call this Passover."

"The blood will protect
your homes from the final plague
that I give Egypt."

"You'll remember this
every year at this same time
and you'll eat matzah."

And so it happened:
the first-born of Egypt died.
Everyone was sad.

Pharaoh called for Mo:
"Get out and go and leave us!"
and so they packed up.

Four hundred thirty
was the number of years there.
It was time to go.

Shabbat Shalom!
Stay tuned for the big climax of Exodus...
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Marci said...

Are you going to publish these when you are done? They are so wonderful, and would make a fun collection!

Hope you are having a good and healthy 2008. I am so thankful for your wonderful support and care throughout the past few weeks. The bear has gotten lots of love!

Todah Rabbah :)

Anonymous said...

You are awesome!

Jenni said...


I may have to use these for our Bible lesson today.

Unknown said...

I keep picturing Heston as Moses. Way to cover Passover. Beautiful as always P!

Bren said...

Fantastic haiku! I always love reading these.

Kat said...

Sheesh! That was a challenge! What a great haiku.

the planet of janet said...

mo left in a huff?

i looooooooove your 'kus.