Friday, January 18, 2008

Winner of Skeeda Giveaway...

Birthday Party for the Trees at
The winner of the gorgeous Skeeda bag (which I really wanted to keep for myself. After my month of no-buying is over I need to get me one of these.) is....

Robin from Around the Island

(who I actually linked to in Thursday's fun is that!?)
Make sure you check out her blog, it's great.
Mazel tov, Robin!!!
(thanks to

Maybe I can bring you the bag when I come to Israel next month!:-)

What she won:
Skeeda: Reusable Bags for the Hip, Eco-Chic Shopper gave away one gorgeous, awesome re-usable shopping (shlepping) bag! The bag is very strong, washable, folds flat and is beautiful! Visit their lovely site to see all their affordable and beautiful styles. (Read more about re-usable bags here.)

Thank you Skeeda!!!!

Come back here for more Tu B'Shevat giveaways...
tomorrow's from PopJudaica!

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Robin said...

Yay!! *runs around the room whooping and hollering*

Very cool to win, and even cooler to get a personal delivery :-)!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

If it couldn't be me, I'm darn glad it was Robin. She rocks.