Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Winner of b.happybags Giveaway!

Birthday Party for the Trees at imabima.blogspot.com

The winner of the last Tu B'Shevat giveaway from b.happybags is...

Christina from Momology
(check out this gorgeous gorgeous post about her daughter and her daughter's best friend)

Congrats, Christina!

But wait...there's more. The wonderful folks at b.happybags sent me TWO beautiful bags (and let me tell you, they are so nice I reeeealy wanted to keep one. But I didn't!) and the second one goes to....

Frume Sarah!
...who will be hosting the Celebrate Women Purim Party with me in March...so come back for all the fun.
Better yet, subscribe now!

Thank you so much to all who joined in the Tu B'Shevat Birthday Party!

A big thank you to:
Skeeda bags
b.happy bags
Please visit them and buy their nice things....

Come back next week for the Bloggy Giveaway party and in March for the Celebrate Women Purim Party...

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