Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I ♥ a greener Target!

Seriously, though, doesn't everyone ♥ Target?

And now even moreso...because Target has...reusable shopping bags!

Not only that, but they're cute and red.

AND they have, along with the usual flat-bottomed ones, ones that zipper back into a handy little pouch that fits nicely into my purse.

Oh...I think I've gone to Target heaven!

Why is no one making a bigger deal of this!?

But...I must admit, the checkout clerk tried to put my re-usable bags into the plastic ones. We straightened that out right quick. She did put the ice cream into a little plastic bag before I caught her (didn't notice until I got home) but I guess that's okay.

Small steps, people, small steps.

This week's Works for Me Wednesday is a "Greatest Hits edition." My post here is basically a continuation of this one, which I think was one of my favorite WFMW posts. What works for you?


Maude Lynn said...

Those are actually pretty cute!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! And very good of Target. The CCAR gave out cute reusable bags too!!! Wish you could have been there!!! :)


Leslie said...

==I haven't bought the ones from Target, but have been using my own for a little while now. It annoys me that they sell reusable bags and then look at you like you have two heads when you do try to bring in your own bag and not use their beloved plastics! :)

Mikki said...

Hi! I saw your entry at WFMW. I too picked up some of these bags the other day. I LOVE them.
I'm in the process of trying to make my own. I love the idea of them folding down!

Great blog!
Have a great day!

Crunchy Domestic Goddess said...

ooh! those ARE cute! love that they fold down so nicely too.

if i wasn't doing crunchy chicken's "buy nothing" challenge for april, i'd be all over that! ;)

Keli Ata said...

Those bags sure are cute. I'm thinking of stopping by Target and getting one myself since they're near the supermarket.

Marci said...

Wow!! I have GOT to go get myself one of those!! Yay for Target!

The dress I wore at my birthday party last night was one of those fantastic Target finds.

BTW - the quilting Kallah sounded wonderful!

Stacy said...

OH, that's cute! I bought some black ecosilk bags to carry with me since they fold up so small. It is just remembering to use them that is my problem.