Friday, April 25, 2008

Plenty to Go Around?

This matzah crisis
is getting to be crazy
read here and here too.

I went to Target
there was matzah in plenty
want me to send some?

Matzah brei to eat
and matzah meal pancakes too
only 2 more days!

To prepare our homes
it takes weeks and weeks of work
as though for always.

But then it's over
almost in a flash it ends,
quietly slips off...

Until next year's date
April 8, 2009
is the First Seder...

Chag sameach...and Shabbat Shalom...

see more haikus here...


crackerjacksMO said...

neat ku! gave me a chance to learn something new today. happy friday!

Melissa said...

My Jewish friends were lamenting this as well. One tried to make her own. Not sure how that worked for her.

the planet of janet said...

oh cool. at least passover will be over next year before our anniversary. ;-)

awesome 'ku.

Ahorros y cupones en EspaƱol said...

Is it tha Matzah on sale in Target already!!!
I should check that!!

Todah Rabah!

Anonymous said...

I hope you are having a wonderful Passover!