Sunday, July 26, 2009

How many brownies did you eat?

I love the summertime. Inevitably we go to family parties and the kids run wild have a great time. They have a lot of different adults around who think they're really cute and will give them whatever they want. And they've learned to work the system. After you get a brownie from your mom, you go and ask your grandmother. And then your dad, and then your grandfather. Eventually you've eaten a week's worth of brownies and you're not even old enough (in the case of Sam and Yael) to actually recall how many brownies you ate.

How many brownies do you think each of them ate?
David - I think 4.
Sam - I think he had at least 3.
I caught this one on camera and I know there was at least one more.
Just a side bar - this photo my father entitled "Future Metorologist."
Yes, she's checking if it's raining.

See more Summer Stock Photos (any other brownies?) and more Best Shots here.
More about the party and why we were holding it later...and more about BlogHer eventually too.

Oh, and P.S. Haveil Havalim is up over at Jewschool. And it's great.


Robin said...

I'm with your kids. Nothing says happiness like a rich chocolate brownie, and the more the better!

Rose said...

Mmm, I always lose count of how many brownies I eat. I have to, I'm too old to eat too many!

Amy Jo said...

So cute! I love the expression on David's face in the second photo!

Leigh Ann said...

I want to eat that baby up. Probably tastier now for all the chocolate she ate. :)

Elianah-Sharon said...

I love that picture too...brownie in one hand, checking for rain with the other. Getting her priorities straight that Yael is! :)