Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Rabbi's Kid

This morning got off to a bit of a rocky start in the Lodge where I stay with my family. Let's just say that sometimes the rabbi's kids are the most unwilling to attend services (which happen twice a day at OSRUI).

David: Are we going to breakfast first or services first.
Me (hurrying because it was my morning to lead the service): Services, like every morning.
David: Argh, I hate services.
Me: sorry, kiddo, too bad, let's go.

Grumpy child heads into the service. As I'm putting on my tallit and the kids are all settling in, I notice that the counselor sitting next to David is laughing. After the service she tells me he said:

"No one should stop talking because then they'll have to listen to my MOM."

And a few minutes into the service, he totally called one of my lines: "She's gonna say it's a rhetorical question." And lo and behold I did... (by the way, the counselor also thought this was hilarious.)

This is the same kid who was once eco-unfriendly to get back at me.

I think it's hard to be the rabbi's kid.


SuperRaizy said...

Sounds like it's also hard to be the Rabbi's kid's mom.

Anonymous said...

Isn'it a bit early for teenage rebellion?

Rebbetzin Rocks said...
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Anonymous said...

ah, RKs. we are, um, kinda lax about services, but the emergency hospital runs on shabbat afternoons get old, especially in the summer when we're at the pool enjoying time together. our kids are not in love with that. to say the least.