Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Secret Agent/Spy Party

For David' 8th birthday, he requested a spy party. I did a little research and came up with this secret agent/spy party.

Each secret agent was greeted by the Spymaster (AKA the Abba), and put their fingerprint and signature on an ID card created by the Ima. They got a notebook and pencil and lined up for some Secret Agent calisthenics and other spy warmup tricks.

We played a form of "pin the tail on the donkey" - each Secret Agent had to sign his or her name while blindfolded. Think David is cheating?

Secret Agents need to have good memories. They spent one full minute in absolute quiet (a miracle in itself) observing 30 small objects and then had a few minutes to write down what they could remember. They had a great time and took it really seriously!

The Spymaster read one story from Encyclopedia Brown, my favorite boy detective. You'd think this was a boring party trick but in fact, they were very into it!

We ended with a Disguise relay race. Every spy needs to be able to wear a good disguise. These spies had to put on a shirt, hat, and glasses and then pose for the camera - here's my 8-year-old Secret Agent...striking a pose!

Oh, and a really cool cake.
Stay tuned tomorrow to see the cool cake.

Planning parties is so much fun!


Rivster said...

What a cool party!!!

you know....if this rabbi thing doesn't work out, you guys can always go into party planning :)

Robin said...

Very cool party! I wish Israeli kids were into theme parties like this, very creative.

PS What is it with the hands in that last picture? My 8 year old is constantly doing the same thing, I call it his Austin Powers look *rolls eyes*. Is it making a comeback on some kids tv show or something?

Anonymous said...

That is the exact party we had when my oldest turned 8!!!!! Complete with the ID cards!!!! How funny! I didn't make a cake though - I don't really bake :-) He's now 11 and still remembers it as one of the best parties ever!

Anonymous said...

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Cassidy said...

I love your party ideas! It makes me feel so much better that the big parties my sister-in-law throws for her kids are not the only way to do birthday parties anymore. Your parties are the kind I want to give my kids as they get older. It is nice to see that I am not completely out of touch with other parents.

Paul Kipnes said...

I would love to have attended this party. I always wanted to be a spy. I snuck out of the AIPAC conference last year to go to the spy museum in Washington DC.

Jew Wishes said...

Yes, party planning for sure! Great shots, and David..cheating...how can you say that? LOL