Monday, March 15, 2010

We welcome the month of Nisan

The time is upon us
for freedom...
for freeing
from the bondage
of slavery
of winter

spring comes
and we break free

Nisan comes and it's like the world opens up.

The waters part
the world renews.

The new moon of Nisan is only 15 days from the moment of the takes only a few moments for freedom to come, but a lifetime to truly believe in it.

Experience the Exodus as you've never experienced it before - in every generation, we should feel as though we personally went forth from Egypt. If I had been there, I'm sure I would have tweeted it - - it will be amazing.


Minnesota Mamaleh said...

love the poem, really lovely. and, can i just say, "if i was there, i'm sure i would have tweeted it"... seriously, laughed. out. loud! :)

Jew Wishes said...

LOLOL on the tweeting! I would have posted it on Face Book, for sure.

What a lovely poem...