Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We're counting WHAT?

Yes, my friends, it's that time of year again for the Omer Counter to show up on my blog.
Have I mentioned how cool my dad is? He wrote it for me.
<-------------------------- over there on the left-hand side bar.

Busy with Pesach and Spring Break so just a quick post. Read about the Omer from last year and I'll be back shortly with some fun posts about Pesach and the joy of spring!

I'll also be part of TweetingTheOmer, much like TweetTheExodus (same crew) only less stressful intensive. So join me there!


Minnesota Mamaleh said...

this is clever! clever, i tell you! thanks for the idea! :)

Anonymous said...

I wish I could add that. But I don't think Wordpress will let me...