Friday, April 30, 2010


Today I am beginning a New York journey with 19 teens from the synagogue. We begin at Ellis Island.....written in the entrance hall....

My feet are tired.
How must their feet have felt?
It's very loud in here, it echoes with voices and feet, laughter and loudspeakers.
Can this even be a fraction of what the noise was like?
What a warm day...
I can't imagine shlepping through here wearing all my worldly possessions.
Many visitors speaking many languages. And audio tours in all their tongues.
What would it be like without the tour? Confusing, heart-wrenching, head-hurting, overwhelming...

I am filled with awe at the leap of faith - a new land, new opportunities, new hope. The unknown life, the dream of America. To never go back. To never again hear the voices of those left behind, or see their faces. To turn a resolute back on the past and squarely face an undiscovered future. To create a new life.

Daily I am blessed by the choices made by those who came before me.
I am grateful for their bravery and courage, their fortitude and strength.

Their memories HAVE become a blessing. May they continue to do so.

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Leigh Ann said...

Gorgeous post, Phyllis! I actually cried a little. But that could be the hormones...nah, it was totally the post. :)
Those kids are lucky to have you taking them on this trip.