Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Day Leo Said I Hate You {Review}

This week's Haveil Havalim is here.

The Day Leo Said I Hate You!A few days after I wrote this post, I got a notice that Robie Harris's new book, The Day Leo Said I Hate You, was available for review.

It was as though it was meant to be. So, of course I said yes!

Just Being Me #3: I LOVE Messes!Robie Harris is a really great children's book author. (I once heard her speak at our synagogue.) Our favorite one is I Love Messes - I think what I like best about her books is that the kids do the most terrible things and the parents respond EXACTLY how we all WISH we would respond. There's a little bit of yelling (makes for fun reading) and then a lot of kissing and making up. Which is how I always hope it will go...

Not that it always does.

In the case of Leo, he gets tired of all the "no" that his mom is throwing around. "No rolling tomatoes against the wall! No putting string beans in the fishbowl!" (Makes the mama reading feel really good - cuz what parent would cheer those things on!?) Then Leo comes out with the big guns. "I hate you!" and his mom is horrified. And Leo is properly horrified as well, which is nice. This is the hardest part of the book - just because I am horrified by something my kids say doesn't mean that they are too. But it's nice to read the book and talk about how Leo feels - obviously that's the point of the book - and it seems to be having an effect. My kids really love this book, we've read it many times.

In fact, Yael even brought it out to Zeyde to read when he came by this weekend:

This book is wonderful for those kids in your life who really want to move to Australia. The illustrations are colorful and the words themselves jump off the page (great for people learning to read the word "no," for example).

It does seem to be review week here at the Ima's place, but unlike the other two things I've reviewed so far, I'm not giving this one's a new family favorite. But please, go and pick up a copy. You won't regret it. It's coming out in paperback in November - if you must wait until then.

Full disclosure: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher for review and I am keeping it.

I am giving away: For The Love of Being Jewish (signed copy!) and 2 Shalom Sesame DVDs - so check those out too!


Minnesota Mamaleh said...

excellent review and book recommendation! and lol i love hat you're keeping it. so there! :)

brenda said...

Got a good reccomendation for a book for when Yael says something she shouldn't and you just can't help but agree?
My Yael told her 8-month pregnant Aunt that she looked silly with her towel wrapped around her head. It wasn't nice, but I couldn't scold Yaeli for it when an hour or two before she had tried to suffocate one of her infant brothers with her beloved princess pillow (we have 3 month old twins for kid #3 and 4). Now for that she got more than just a scolding!, even though it happened at 7AM at said Aunt's house while we were visiting.