Friday, October 8, 2010

Rethinking Cheshvan?

We call it Mar Cheshvan
the bitter month

no celebrations
no holidays
just life.

We can't win
life either gives us
too many holidays
or too few.

Maybe it's time to rename
this month

A month to celebrate
remind ourselves that
these are
holy too.

The new moon of the month of Cheshvan falls over this Shabbat. Cheshvan is the month that follows Tishri, which is a pretty big deal in the Jewish calendar - many many holidays. In Cheshvan, there are no (Jewish) holidays, and therefore the month is known as "Mar" or "bitter." 

May this month of Cheshvan bring you balance and harmony, an opportunity to find blessing in the ordinary and everyday, a chance to breathe and regroup...may you celebrate life!

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