Monday, October 18, 2010

A Wish List

Slightly blurry shot of me at almost 33 weeks.
(Doesn't "wish list" sound so much nicer than "gripe list"?)

Wishes for approximately 33 weeks....

1. A nice person to walk around with me (job qualification: ability to bend and lift) all the time and pick up things that are dropped or need picking up from the ground. Children will not suffice for this task because they, themselves, often are in need of picking up.

2. A nice person (probably different from the first one, job qualification: good memory) to walk around with me all the time and remember things for me. My name, my husband's name, my children's names, what day it is. Simple stuff, really.

3. Maternity clothes that I'm dying to wear.

4. For no one to notice that I've worn the same pair of shoes for about three weeks straight. Not really because my feet are swollen but because they're the best slip-on shoes I have. Tying shoes would require #1.

5. A nice person to walk around with me (in this case, nice is probably the optimal job qualification) to answer the questions. Yes, it's my 4th. Yes, I'm due in December. No, I don't think I'll "go early." No, we don't know if it's a boy or girl. Yes, we've chosen names. No, we're not going to tell you. (Except for my husband's favorite, I have to share that one. Oren Moshe Gershon. So that child would have the initials OMG.) Any questions I've missed? Please refer all questions to the nice person who is walking around with me.

6. A daily afternoon nap.

7. Stock in the company that makes Tums. It will be good for this child's college fund, I think.

8. For Dairy Queen to have a delivery service. At 11pm.

9. A massage. Hey, wait, that one might be possible. I'll get back to ya.

10. Someone to arrange said massage.

11. To find a way to stop being tired and busy long enough to savor every last moment of the end of this pregnancy....because I really want to.
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Caroline said...

My suggestion is that you create a bingo board with the various questions people tend to ask you. Then, instead of being frustrated when you are asked something for the zillionth time, it creates a happy moment to mark off another square and, whether or not appropriate to the moment, shout BINGO!

Susan aka paintermom said...

I can so relate! Hang in there. My MIL always said that maternity was eight months plus an eternity.

What size do you wear? I might have some maternity/nursing clothes still around that I could send to you. Sort of a freecycle thing.

Sara said...

I was right there with you on wanting a DQ delivery service! Someone to answer incessant questions would also have been nice (correction: would still be nice to answer said questions from my now existing children).
I also have some maternity clothes; not sure whether you'd 'die' to wear them, but some are actually quite nice. Let me know if you're interested; I'd email you pictures first.
Enjoy your sleep while you can (and time for the massage, too).

Elizabeth Wood said...

Fly me to your place for the weekend, and I promise to accomplish the following for you:
#9 and #10

That's what friends are for!!! :)
Can't wait to meet your 4th OMG

Becky Ella said...

I wish I could help with some of those!! Miss ya'll! Hate to be missing this one. You look beautiful!! :) (And I frequently wear the same shoes everyday)

Rebecca Einstein Schorr said...

A great list.

And you look so beautiful.

Batya said...

My daughter (the lawyer) just had her 4th after Rosh Hashannah. Do you get much maternity leave?