Monday, February 28, 2011

Four is More

For the last few months, Yael has been telling almost anyone who would listen that she was four. Except she wasn't.

Conversations went like this:
Stranger, Friend, Acquaintance: How old are you?
Yael: I'm FOUR!
Me: Are you really four?
Yael: No, not yet.

But now...finally four. So she's been telling anyone who would listen - not even waiting for the question "how old are you?" She holds up four little fingers (I must take a picture of that) and tells you how old she is.

She's very excited about it.

She is quite a little four-year-old. Full of energy and opinions, hates to go to bed, loves to pretend with her dolls, has a "teacher voice," does a little tantrum dance when she is angry, carries my phone and keys around and drinks "coffee" (aka juice) from a coffee cup when she wants to play pretend. She loves to boss everyone around, she adores her brothers, and is blissfully happy to be the only girl in the family ("just me and mama!").

Happy birthday to my little girl!
P.S. here's what she looked like before.


Dorothy said...

Happy birthday. She was just a baby when I started following your blog. She has gotten so big and she's absolutely ADORABLE. What a cutie! Love that shot of her making faces. :-)

Batya said...

Adorable and very "four." Enjoy your only girl.
ps I thought you were going to write about having four kids and the changes. My daughter had her 4th about the same time and they needed to get a much bigger car!

JanetheWriter said...

Happy birthday to Yael...what a lucky little girl!