Monday, February 14, 2011

Sitting Still

Maternity leave is supposed to have a sense of recuperation? rest?

Well, something like that.

Except with baby #4, not so much.

Now, it helps that this baby is lovely. He really is. He sleeps pretty well, he eats great, and he's pretty good with lots of little people poking him and making faces at him and all the other things that big brothers and sisters do. And he's (relatively) happy to be moved around, shlepped in sling or carseat.

But there's been a lot of moving. A lot of running around. And not too much sitting still.

Part of that is my personality. I hate to just sit. I am always trying to get something done. Part of it is a need to continue the life and routines of the other three children.

But sometimes, ever so rarely, when I'm alone in the house with just the baby,
I look down and see this in my arms...
...and even though I can see, from my spot on the couch, literally 500 different things that need to be done...

I just sit still.


Unknown said...

Very Sweet. Thank you for sharing the gift of the moment and your words.

Leora said...

He's gorgeous. Yeah, there's always too much to get done! Glad you enjoy him so much.

Galit Breen said...

Goodness I love this post! The art of sitting still: Yes, please! He's a cutie-patooty! XO