Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Free Money? {Giveaway}

(I bet you think I'm giving away free money, huh? Close...but not quite. Keep reading, though, it's still a good giveaway!)

Debt Free For Life: The Finish Rich Plan for Financial FreedomI don't think I've ever blogged about this before, but my cousin David Bach is a famous guy. He's a best-selling author of financial books and you may have seen him on shows like The View or Oprah. Yep, I watched him on TV today! (How cool is that? I even got to see him in person on Oprah once, which is a whole other fun story.)

His most recent book is Debt Free for Life, and it's quite a good read. David has really solid, normal advice for how to pay off your debt in a timely manner. His books aren't boring at all, which is high praise for a financial book, don't you think? I think he writes just like he talks, which makes me hear the book in his own voice as I'm reading it. But that's just me.

This book had something in it that I don't remember reading in any of his previous books. There's a whole section on "free money" - for real! I kid you not, I went to www.unclaimed.org (don't hit .com, that's a paid site) and I found $270 that I had "overpaid" at an allergist's office in Cincinnati years ago. I haven't mailed the form yet (my printer is out of toner) but that is just amazing. (I also found $16.70 that was owed to my husband. Nice but not nearly as exciting.) Now...I haven't received any money yet. But the thought that I might get that in the mail made me super excited.

I know, right?
(which is what my 9-but-going-on-teenage son would say.)

So, in honor of this fun, I'm giving away a copy of David's new book! Leave me a comment with your favorite money-saving tip and you'll be entered to win a free copy of Debt Free for Life by my cousin!

Other details:
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Giveaway ends Tuesday, March 1st.

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Gary said...

Money-saving tip:

After nearly a decade of repeated layoffs in the IT industry, my finances were a shambles and my retirement funds non-existent. In January 2007, I had been out of work for 1.25 years and at wits end as I finally decided to get on a debt management plan from a private company (CredAbility, formerly known as CCCS-Atlanta). I had nearly $55K in various types of secured and unsecured debts.

My payments (which were reasonable while I actually had a job) went down to $1,300 per month and ALL of my card interest rates were frozen at 6% or 9%. As of this May 2011 (4 years after starting the plan), I will be entirely 100% debt-free and with a retirement plan that is actively growing!

My best suggestion to anyone financially struggling in this economy, is to get on a debt management plan ASAP. It was the best thing I ever did.

Caroline said...

After doing a lot of big and little things to save money over the last few years, there's a single trick that seems to make the most difference: eating at home. Eggs/hashbrowns/pancakes for 2-4 people: $5-6 total at home, and it's only that high if you're very, very extravagant(think berries) vs. $30 or more in a restaurant. And that's just Sunday brunch.

Eating at home is not only less expensive and creates great savings; it's also significantly healthier! Yes, I still treat myself to an evening out or a hot chocolate from time to time, but not so often anymore. Once you know you can make a lunch for under $2, it's hard to justify spending $8 on a regular basis. Even Oprah brings her own lunch to work each day!

(Also, I get your RSS feed via Google Reader.)

bobssmithh said...

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Lindsay Litman said...

My recent money saving tip is ebay and second hand stores...I needed a warmer coat and some snow pants for my 16 month old daughter. I found her a new coat with the tags still on it coat from a smoke/pet free home for .99 plus $5 shipping on ebay. I then went to a second hand store similar to Goodwill and found gently used snow pants for $2.99. I only paid $8.98 for the whole snow suit!!!

Amanda said...

My biggest money saving suggestion is baking your own bread. Seriously, we're finding it costs sooo little to bake bread, just time and planning ahead. Especially Challah, which is $5-$6 per loaf in town. And ours is better at home!

I look forward to seeing other suggestions!

holly said...

my favorite money saving tip is to have great friends: you can swap/give or get used clothes, books, boys suits, handmedowns, babysitting, extra fruits and veggies, handmade presents.....and the list could go on and on.

Randi said...

My favorite money saving tip is My Points. I think it is the best kept secret. You receive emails telling you about different products and just by clicking over to the site, you receive 5 points. If you buy, you earn more points for every dollar that you spend. Then you can use the points for things like gap cards and starbucks cards! I often amass enough points to get cards without even spending any money!