Monday, June 20, 2011

A Mama's Prayer for Summer Camp

A prayer for my dear son embarking on his second year at summer camp...

May you find learning and growth of all kinds.
May you gain independence and feel comfort in your Jewish identity.
May the mosquitoes be guided away from you, and may the raindrops not fall into your tent (too much).
May the food be delicious and the pool the right temperature.
May you seek out new experiences and try new things (vegetables would be nice but I'm doubtful).
May you smile brilliantly for the camp photographer and show up daily in the online photo albums.
May you avoid the camp crud and may you never lose your socks.
May you take a shower and brush your teeth every day.
May you not send wet towels to the laundry, because the laundry is charged by weight.
May your arrows fly straight, your fishing line never get tangled, and your tetherball not whack you in the nose.
May you not fall off the top bunk.
May you not spend your whole canteen account on silly junk.
May you not lose your hat and water bottle in the first week.
May you not lose your way in the night to the outdoor bathroom.
May you write me at least one letter besides the mandatory first-day-letter.
May you create a life-long friendship (at least one, if not many).
May you  renew old friendships, since they are the most precious. (Are 9 year olds allowed to have "old friends"?)
May you learn more and more about yourself and your spirit and being.

May you return home in one piece with all your belongings,
and may you ever yearn to return to the land of summer camp.


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Tamar said...


This is brilliant! My 9 year old son is also in Tzofim right now. Thank you for expressing so beautifully all that I'm feeling.

Phyllis Sommer said...

Hi Tamar,
David is in Tzofim too, and he's also nine. Maybe they are friends!
I'll look for you on pickup day :-)

Kim said...

I love this! My son went to camp for the second year this year, too. It's just a whole different world, isn't it? Not as nervous, tentative. Confident, huh? I posted a blog about it on my blog (with my friend/fellow blogger) @, "This is what a veteran summer camper looks like." I love to meet other moms of summer campers! I loved summer camp, myself. Yay for your son!!!

Alef Bet Jewelry said...

Even if you leave some belongings at camp, the most important is to have the best time of your life!

Rabbi Jason Miller said...
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Rabbi Jason Miller said...

Phyllis, Thanks for inspiring me to write this:

Jewish Summer Camp: A Father's Reflection Upon His Son's First Time at Sleepaway Camp

Shabbat Shalom,