Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Birthday Soiree: A Fancy Nancy Party

Ooh la la...I thought it would be fun to have a Fancy Nancy party for Yael's 5th birthday...and I was right!

Here's what we did:

Everyone arrived and "got fancy." It ended up with only girls (even though we had invited one boy) and all of them came in their fancy dresses. We gave each girl a crown and necklace.
Yael and her first guest waiting for the rest to arrive...

Then we did "fancy calisthenics." At all of our parties, Michael leads the kids in some kind of "exercise" related to the topic. He is so creative and funny - it's always great. (He's done spy calisthenics, superhero calisthenics, etc...) He put on a goofy English accent and led the girls in twirling and bowing exercises. It was roll-on-the-floor funny for the grownups. The kids ate. it. up.

The video stops when it does because I literally fell off the couch laughing.

Then we decorated butterfly wings (which I bought here). I decided to make it very easy for cleanup, so I put out only stickers. Michael helped by announcing all the different kinds of stickers and doling them out, but the kids were totally engrossed in this project. We probably could have done it for hours.

We played Hot Potato with a "fancy object"...thanks, Solly.

There was the ubiquitous "pin the tail" game which we have at all of our parties.

Sam took a turn
We did a "race" that involved feather boas and sunglasses....(and everyone won!)
Even David had a good time!
Parfaits are much fancier than cake so this is what we did:

And finally, there was a story...

Happy birthday, Yael!


Batya said...

Mazal Tov!!!!

Risa Tzohar said...

What a creative idea! Many happy returns of the day!

JanetheWriter said...

Wow...I need you to help me plan my next birthday party. It's not for a while yet, but it's a biggie -- it ends in a "0"!!