Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spelling Lessons

Me to Yael: How do you spell Yael?
Her: Y-a-e-l. Okay, ask me another one, ask me about my brothers.
Me: Okay, spell David.
Her: D-a-v-i-d. Now Sammy.
Me: Okay, spell Sam.
Her: S-a-m.
Me: Now spell Solomon.
Her: (long pause) S-o-l-l-y.

Me: Close enough.

I adore that the very most important people in her life are her brothers.
Her teachers tell me that she talks about them all day long.
I hope they are always close and connected and best of friends.

I hope they always seek out each other as they do now.

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brenda said...

My 5 yr old yael Yael also has 3 brothers that she intensely, immensly loves. And she is constantly planning her birthday party. Even though her birthday is in November. It must be a kid thing. I love that I stumbled upon your blog again.