Sunday, February 5, 2012

#TuBiShvat - For the Love of Trees

Tu BiShvat is the Jewish holiday celebrating the "new year (or birthday) of the trees." The name comes from the calendar date on which it falls: Tu is the Hebrew equivalent of 15 and Shevat is the Hebrew month in which we are in right now. Tu BiShvat was originally a day when the fruits that grew from that day on were counted for the following year in regard to tithes.

In modern times, it is celebrated as a Jewish "Earth Day" -- celebrating trees, planting trees, and reflecting on environmental and ecological issues. This year, Tu BiShvat falls on Wednesday, February 8th.

See this post on how to properly spell Tu BiShvat in English transliteration. Interesting and thought-provoking, so you'll notice my spelling.

I'm going to repost some of my previous Tu BiShvat content this week and also add some new stuff, so stay tuned all week for some Tu BiShvat fun with trees!

So here's a sweet video on tree-planting from Shalom Sesame to get you started!

And click over here for my Tu BiShvat playlist on YouTube. What's your favorite Tu BiShvat song?

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