Wednesday, December 19, 2012

{36 Reasons} Family Rules

Have you ever seen these beautiful "family rules" canvases and prints?
I am always adding this to my "to do" list. Maybe I'll make one out of a quilt. Maybe I'll do some decoupage. Maybe I'll buy of the reasons I haven't done it yet is that I can't quite decide exactly what rules I want on the list. And do I discuss with the family? Do we all decide what rules to choose? Frankly, I have been paralyzed with indecision.

Yesterday, I reframed some pictures and I had one frame left that was originally set up to have 3 4x6 pictures in it. I suddenly realized that I didn't need to use the mat that had been included with the frame, and I could just use the frame in its whole. Silly me.

So I began to muse on what to put in the frame, and this is what I created:

It's 10x20 - a very odd shape.
I made it so simply - I used Picasa (which I love) to add the text on a blank picture, and had the three pictures (the text, and the two family shots) printed zip-zip at Walgreens. Voila! And because it was simple, inexpensive, and just get-it-done, I didn't worry too much about the choice of words. I picked the ones that seemed right today. And that's all I can ask for.

Blessed are You, our God, Ruler of the World, who has given us creative energy and skill, who has caused inspiration to strike, and who has brought me to this day.


Sara said...

This is so cool! I love it with the pictures and in the frame. Now to figure out how to do it without Picasa...

Jendeis said...

I've been loving those family rules pictures too. Have been torn about it because I'd like to add "something Jewish" to it, but that means I have to make it on my own, rather than take the easy way out of buying a ready made picture. Maybe something about tzedakah or Shabbos or something.

Rebecca Einstein Schorr said...

Love, love, love!!!