Tuesday, December 18, 2012

{36 Reasons} Goals Delayed

On the wall in my kitchen hang triptychs of my children eating cake at their first birthdays. It started with just the one, of course, and then as each one turned one...a new set of cake pictures. They love these pictures. They love to talk about who has the messiest cake, who seems to be enjoying it the most, and, for the last year, when will Solly's pictures be added!?

I did have a goal to get it up there before Solly turned 2. Admirable, right?

I bought a frame.
I printed the pictures.

It all sat and waited. About a week before Solly turned 2, I went to put it all together and then I realized that the frames on the wall had 4x6 pictures, but the new frame was 5x7. (oh, and the pictures I had printed? Yep, 4x6.) Arrrrgggghhhhhh.

So the 2-year-old goal? Missed it.

But only by a little bit. Eleven days to be exact.

Because today was the day.

I could NOT find a matching frame to the ones I had, so I ended up reframing them all.

And they look gorgeous.

Yes, in my kitchen also hang all the fun school things like handwriting charts, Spanish letter sounds, and number grids.
(Now I'm waiting to see who will notice...)

Blessed are You, O God, who gives us family traditions to work with and through, and who sometimes makes us try harder than we imagined we would need to, and who has brought me to this day.

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JanetheWriter said...

May your sweet kids continue to celebrate wonderful milestones (and plain ol' normal stuff) that you can capture and share with the world!