Thursday, December 6, 2012

{36 Reasons} Hair Today

There's a Jewish tradition to keep a child's hair uncut until the age of 3. (Okay, it's really a tradition for boys, but I'm an equalitarian.) Except I haven't ever made it to that age with any of my kids.

Too. Much. Hair.

I thought for sure that Solly would be the one who would make it.

After all, who can resist those gorgeous blonde locks!? Not me.
But I was stymied. Halted. Thwarted.

Poor kiddo. He kept trying to brush the hair out of his eyes. And he inevitably woke up with a rat's nest of dreadlocks in the back of his head, no matter how much brushing or conditioner we put into it.

And while a ponytail might seem like a reasonable solution, it just wasn't in the cards.

So a haircut was in the offing. (Actually, I just learned that one sect of Hasidim cut their boys' hair at age 2, but I'm not too keen on modeling myself after various sects of Hasidim.)

I might have shed some tears. After all, this is my baby! My beautiful long-haired baby.

One last look....

Along the way...(he wouldn't wear the apron, so we thought we'd make it easier for the stylist)
 And the finished product...
He looks fabulous. But grown up.

Am I imagining things, or is he now standing up taller? Speaking more clearly? Acting older?
(But no, I'm not deluding myself, not more reasonable.)

I think it is true.
Two years old IS very grown up.

Especially when compared to this:

Blessed are You, O God, Ruler of the World, who has created us to grow and change, who has helped us to see both progressive and sudden growth, who has given us tissues to wipe away our tears, and who has brought me to this day.


Leah said...

aw big boy! so grown up! he's just darling!

AskMK said...

He looks like he just aced his SAT. So grown up! Sigh.

rbarenblat said...

Our son Drew just turned three, and just had his first real haircut. We'd trimmed his bangs a few times to keep them out of his eyes, but couldn't bear to cut his flowing locks! I told a few people (the ones who would smile knowingly) that we were waiting for his upsherin, though really, we were just letting his hair grow. Until about 10 days ago, when he turned three and I got him into a beauty parlor to sit in a little car and have his hair trimmed into a bowl cut. And oh my goodness, he looks SO much older all of a sudden. It's amazing!