Saturday, December 1, 2007

Only one day left to enter! Chanukah Countdown Continues...

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The Chanukah Countdown continues....with the eternal question: Applesauce or Sour Cream???

All comments will enter you into the drawing which closes tomorrow (Sunday) at 5pm...

Make sure to look for all my Chanukah Countdown can comment on each of them for additional entries into the giveaway (sorry, I'm posting on a friend's mac and it definitely is more work to make can find the posts yourself, I promise...)

happy Chanukah and Shavua Tov!


Bradley's Mom said...

Hi Rabbi:

I just came by to wish you and all your family a very Happy Chanukah!

I have thoroughly enjoyed celebrating Chanukah with my children for many years. It is such a joyous holiday. I know you must love it with your little ones, too!!



Ilanna said...

hmmm...only one day left - then i can put the menorah in the window and turn it on :) and start playing with fire...errmm. i mean lighting the candles. :)

I love both apple sauce AND sour cream - but truth is, i prefer my latkes pure.... and CRISPY. My preference is for the hash brown type of latke as opposed to the mashed potato version that my grandmother used to make. hmm - i think i'm going to have to make some latkes this year. . . :)

In my family we always did 7 little gifts and then one BIG gift for the year. the one year I remember best was when I finally got the leather jacket i'd wanted and my brother got his very first roller blades. (This is when they had JUST come out.) Then he used them the next year on halloween with black wheels and a big black cloak and "floated" through the neighborhood... :)

I look forward to chanukah every year... 1 more day!!! have a wonderful Holiday!!!